Cap'n is written, conceived, drawn and colored by Jeroen


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The story of Cap'n starts way back when, when I first started drawing comics, 10 years ago. Cap'n was the first caracter I really enjoyed thinking up stories for, permitting myself total freedom. To this day I try to let myself do anything I want. The story lines are all written 'on the fly.'  Usually inspired by and on the level of your average B-movie. I just add that little bit of weirdness for flavor.

About me: I'm actually a professional illustrator, believe it or not. Cap'n isn't something I'd ever think of commercialising, it's far too much fun to do. So I really don't care much what the critics say.

I would like to know what you have to say: There's a forum for that kind of thing. It is pretty much dead at the moment, so let that be a challenge! I check regularly for the odd chance someone actually posts something. You'd make my day :)

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Cap'n is a weird science fiction comic made in Groningen, the Netherlands, by Jeroen Jag

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