tCap'n is written, conceived, drawn and colored by Jeroen


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Confirmed oddbal and main character of this comic (surprise). 
Hero-type, or looks like it. Strong, silent and smart. Is outsmarted frequently though. 

Not Cap'n
A mysterious Cap'n loook-a-like. Who is he, how is he related to our hero? Stay tuned and find out!

Cap'ns demon girlfriend

BLue Boy
Another mysterious figure. Also more about him as the story unfolds!

Ensign Calamanco
Alledgedly a former playmate, she's commander Kaapjes' personal assistant, and very good at her job.

Lady of Autybe
The ruler of the beautiful and wondrous planet Autybe.

The Professor
Every story needs a weird scientist. This is him. The only male allowed to live on Autybe. (Visitors welcome though).
The receptionist
What a way to be welcomed, eh?
A rat. What more can I say?

Commander Charles M. Kaapjes
of the Holy Universal Marines. He's keeping an eye on things and we best be damn grateful that he does...

Well, when a church is the most powerful organisation in a society, you get a lot of these, all looking at a way of becoming more than just a monk.

Some sort of bird. Being able to talk doesn't necessarily make him intelligent. He lived in Gert en Anny's attic. He, Jifku and Norest stayed behind in the house, having no sense of adventure. Or sense whatsoever... 

Of the servile kind, though not by nature. His whole life he's been losing bets which get him into servant jobs. This is the only reason why he remained behind with Fjodor and Jifku. 

Bares some resemblance to a certain Belgian reporter. This is purely coincidental! He isn't inquisitive at all and his friendship with Fjodor should tell you something of the height of his IQ. 

Professor Menno Lobez 
Originally the techinical engineer of the spaceship. In a succesful attempt to finally free the spaceship from the Palmoni's residence, which inexplicably got attached to the spaceship, he had a vision. He saw, or claims he did, a part of his destiny, which led to the coming of the gang to the planet Hillcur. 
Anny Palmoni 
Wife of Gert. She has Gert pretty much under her thumb. She is very fond of cleaning. If you're wondering why her picture looks so different from the real thing: this is probably the only time you'll see her smile... 
Gert Palmoni 
A simple resident of the planet earth. He got mixed up in this adventure because Cap'ns spaceship attached itself to his house, for reasons as yet unknown. Recognized by Lobez as an accountant and has since yet to be seen as anything other than a shabby green feline. 
Zack Corsa
Chief exec of the evil planet Hauxvall. Their motto: "we don't need no stinkin' motto, we got guns."
The Cardinal
Hillcurian society is built upon a belief system and entirely run by the Church of Hillcur. This here fellow is the Cardinal and Big Cheese.

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Cap'n is a weird science fiction comic made in Groningen, the Netherlands, by Jeroen Jag

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